Bhagavad Gita as it is Illustrated by Edwin Arnold


BHAGAVAD GITA AS IT IS Illustrated (Bestseller Book by Edwin Arnold) All Time Most Demanding Books Classic Collection


THE FAVORITE and now venerable English poet, Edwin Arnold , showed his skill in smooth and lucid verse early in life. In 1852, when twenty years of age, he won the Newdigate Prize at Oxford for a poem, ‘ The Feast of Belshazzar .’ Two years later, after graduation with honors, he was named second master of E dward the Sixth’s School at Birmingham ; and, a few years subsequent, principal of the Government Sanskrit College at Poona , in India. In 1856 he published ‘ Griselda, a Tragedy ’; and after his return to London in 1861, translations from the Greek of Herodotus and the Sanskrit of the Indian classic ‘ Hitopadeça ,’ the latter under the name of ‘ The Book of Good Counsels .’ There followed from his pen ‘Education in India’; ‘A History of the Administration in India under the Late Marquis of Dalhousie’ (1862–64); and ‘ The Poets of Greece ,’ a collection of fine passages (1869). In addition to his other labors, he has been one of the editors-in-chief of the London Daily Telegraph.  1  Saturated with the Orient, familiar with every aspect of its civilization, moral and religious life, history, and feeling, Sir Edwin’s literary work has attested to his knowledge in a large number of smaller poetical productions, and a group of religious epics of long and impressive extent. Chief among them rank that on the life and teachings of Buddha , ‘ The Light of Asia ; or, The Great Renunciation ’ (1879) . It has passed through more than eighty editions in this country and almost as many in England.