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♥♥The Art of War Sun Tzu Bestseller Book The Art of War♥♥

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The Art of War is traditionally attributed to an ancient Chinese military general known as Sun Tzu (now romanized “Sunzi”), meaning “Master Sun”. Sun Tzu was traditionally said to have lived in the 6th century BC, but The Art of War’s earliest parts probably date to at least 100 years later.

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher whose books have universal resonance even in the contemporary time. The Art of War has inspired Mao Zedong’s writings about Guerrilla warfare. Ho Chi Minh translated The Art of War for his generals to study.

♥♥The Art of War Sun Tzu Bestseller Book The Art of War♥♥

Sun Tzu’s Art of War is a widely acclaimed book on military strategy that has influenced and shaped the idea of Western and Eastern nations’ military philosophy. It presents complete instructions on how to win battles and manage conflicts. The theories proposed in Art of War are extremely beneficial on the battleground and have been tried and tested by many successful military generals around the world. It is difficult to ascertain exactly when was this book written and many historians have ascribed it to different times.

♥♥The Art of War Sun Tzu Bestseller Book The Art of War♥♥

The Art of War has established its significance not just as a valuable book for military strategies but it also gives lessons in diplomacy and public administration and planning. It stresses the need for healthy and friendly relations with other nations. In the context of changing world politics and rising interest in foreign policy affairs, The Art of War is a valuable read to understand what idea goes behind shaping the strategies and policy with our neighboring nations. This book is an ideal read if you are looking out for some inspiration to win over daily battles in your life. This book will be of special interest to people who want to read philosophy, the amazing quotes about life, winning battles and how to tide over daily struggles then it’s a must-read for you. Grab a copy of this book from Amazon now and learn the secrets to winning every battle whether personal or professional.

♥♥The Art of War Sun Tzu Bestseller Book The Art of War♥♥

The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu, a high-ranking military general, strategist and tactician. The text is composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare. It is commonly known to be the definitive work on military strategy and tactics of its time. It has been the most famous and influential of China’s Seven Military Classics, and “for the last two thousand years it remained the most important military treatise in Asia, where even the common people knew it by name.” It has had an influence on Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy and beyond.

♥♥The Art of War Sun Tzu Bestseller Book The Art of War♥♥

Written in China in the 4th century BC, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, is undoubtedly one of the oldest collections of military technique advice and at the same time, the most well recognized and the most extraordinary strategic treatise in the world.

In this e-book you will find the full version of what has definitely been the most consulted manual by military leaders and politicians of all kinds and continents over the centuries.

Prestigious schools of management and personal development use this treatise as their reference textbook and industry and finance managers still consult it today, finding an inexhaustible source of inspiration and meditation within its pages. But what is it that makes a work written about 2,500 years ago so special, so incredibly fascinating and still so relevant?

♥♥The Art of War Sun Tzu Bestseller Book The Art of War♥♥

Some of its features and curiosities are still undoubtedly surprising due to their logic and modernity but its fame stems from its ability to let one analyse and interpret the book at various levels and apply its meaning to all professions and personalities.

The Art of War is not only a strategic manual on war and on the techniques for being successful in battle. In this text, there is a deeper and more intimate path, which deals with the emotional sphere and more precisely with the management of personal conflicts in a proactive way which leads to personal growth.

You will notice that if more closely examined, war, clashes and competition, which apparently seem to relate only to the military world, also relate to the inner and personal dynamic which is shared by each of us.

♥♥The Art of War Sun Tzu Bestseller Book The Art of War♥♥

For this reason, the instructions contained in the Art of War should be taken as essential rules of deep wisdom as they are applicable to any aspect of reality.

This e-book The Art of War enhances the value of the text and it provides the reader with a direct, easy, and very appealing version of Sun Tzu’s work.

Sun Tzu and Sun Pin’s timeless strategic masterpieces are constantly analyzed and interpreted by leaders worldwide. For the first time ever, author D.E. Tarver explains the classic texts, The Art of War by Sun Tzu and The Art of Warfare by Sun Pin, in plain English.

War is the perfect training ground for teaching Sun Tzu’s ancient philosophies to attain victory over an opponent. The Art of War outlines the steps for outwitting the enemy, be it an army of 10,000 or an unresponsive client.

The Art of War teaches leaders strategies to attain victory by Knowing when to stand up to an opponent, and when to back down. How to be confident without being overly confident. Considering the cost of the campaign before launching an attack. Avoiding an opponent’s strengths and striking his weaknesses.

“The one who is first to the field of battle has time to rest, while his opponent rushes into the conflict weary and confused. The first will be fresh and alert. The second will waste most of his energy trying to catch up.” Be the first to the battlefield with The Art of War.

♥♥The Art of War Sun Tzu Bestseller Book The Art of War♥♥


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